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Segmented Parametric Estimates of the Sea State Bias for Radar Altimeters
The traditional parametric models of estimating the sea state bias may result in errors, so two segmented modelling methods consisting of latitude and the significant wave height, respectively, were presented to improve the estimations of the sea state bias. The performances of the two models were evaluated by the explained variances, correlation coefficients, and model residuals. Compared with the estimations of the traditional parametric model under the same dataset, the results showed that the two segmented parametric models were both better than the traditional one and could effectively increase the accuracy of the sea state bias estimations. The segmented model of latitude demonstrated coherence with the segmented model of the significant wave height.
Keywords:Radar Altimeter; Sea State Bias; Parametric Model; Segmented Fitting; Latitude; Significant Wave Height
Author: Guoshou Zhang,Hongli Miao,Guizhong Wang,Yingting Guo,Yujie Jing


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