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Journal of Control and Systems Engineering(JCSE)

ICB Guided Integral Sliding Mode Tracking Control for Dynamic Positioning Marine Crafts
To deal with the tracking control problem for dynamic positioning (DP) marine crafts with strong nonlinear and uncertainties, the Integral Constant Bearing (ICB) guidance algorithm is proposed by introducing the integral term to the Constant Bearing (CB) guidance algorithm. By combining the integral sliding mode control algorithm with the ICB guidance algorithm, the ICB guided tracking control scheme is proposed based on the strong nonlinear mathematic model. Both of the theoretical analysis and the numerical simulation are carried out to verify the good control performance the control approach.
Keywords:DP Marine Crafts; ICB Guidance Algorithm; Integral Sliding Mode; Stability
Author: Aihua Zhang,Chungang Zhao,Lina Zhang,Jinlong Xu


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