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Impact of Overseas Traffic Growth on Total Shipping Transport at Major Ports in India
Ports form an important infrastructure in the Indian economy in facilitating the international trade and commerce by providing an interface between the ocean transport and the land based transport system. Despite the tremendous growth of the multi-modal transport system within the country such as roadways, railways and airways, ports and shipping still continue to be the major mode and means of transport, to handle the bulk of India’s international trade. India has a coastline of 7600 kilometers with a well-established port infrastructure, covering 13 Major Ports (12 government and 1 corporate) and 187 notified minor and intermediate ports, spreading across 9 coastal states of the country. These Major Ports serve as the gateways to country’s international trade by sea and handle sizeable volumes of physical cargo traffic, with most of them operating over or near saturation levels of their handling capacities. As India’s traffic is growing, in response to the global competition, Indian shipping sector needs to update its fleet performance to meet the rising demand for the overall fleet. Now, total shipping at the Major Ports implies total fleet which broadly includes both the total fleet (different category – wise cargo vessels) solely meant for trade purposes and the total grand fleet. The latter includes other fleet, apart from the above mentioned total category – wise cargo fleet, for non-trade purposes. So, the primary objective of this paper is to examine the impact of the overall growth of the overseas traffic performance on the total shipping performance at the Major Ports of India over the period (1999-2000 to 2013-14). Therefore, this paper has focused on the total shipping performance in terms of the growth as well as the growth rate of the total fleet in response to the growth of the overseas cargo traffic at these ports. The latter includes overseas exports, imports and the total trade.
Keywords:Trade and Shipping; Major Ports; India; Regression Model
Author: Aparna Banerjee,Sudakshina Gupta


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