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Journal of Physical Therapy and Health Promotion(PTHP)
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Allied Health Professionals as Potential Partners in Oral Health Promotion and Primary Prevention: A Pilot Assessment of Physiotherapy students in Bangalore, India
Purpose: Oral health promotion is critical in limiting morbidity and socioeconomic costs of the Oral disease pandemic. Physiotherapists, in particular, are ideally suited to advancing common risk-factor based oral health promotion, given the nature of their clinical practice and stated professional commitment to health promotion. Since feasibility of this partnership is influenced by their Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior (KAB) towards Oral health, this study aims to assess these parameters among students of Physiotherapy in Bangalore, and determine the effectiveness of an Oral Health Intervention Module (OHIM) on the same. Methods: A quasi-experimental pilot study was conducted among 66 students of a Physiotherapy institution in Bangalore, India. Participants completed questionnaires consisting of 25 closed-ended, multiple – choice questions assessing oral health KAB, pre-post OHIM. Results: Overall knowledge regarding oral health was good, but personal oral health seeking attitudes and behaviors were infrequent. 61.9%-90.4% of respondents correctly answered most questions assessing Knowledge. 71.4% agreed treatment of oral disease was as important as other diseases. 48.7% would not visit a Dentist unless they had dental complaints. Preventive behaviors including oral prophylaxis (17.9%), and routine check-ups (26.9%) were low. Significant improvement in oral health KAB following OHIM, with maximum impact on mean scores of Knowledge (2.74), followed by Attitude (0.7) and Behaviour (0.35). Conclusions: This study highlights need to strengthen and reinforce positive oral health attitudes and behaviours among physiotherapy students. Besides motivating personal beliefs and behaviours, incorporation of practical training in professional curricula would equip Physiotherapists with competency in promoting oral health in clinical practice.
Keywords:Oral Health; Physiotherapy; Oral Health Promotion; Knowledge; Attitude; Behaviour; Allied Health
Author: Shravanthi Manyam Seshasayee,Vinodhini Krishna,Charu Chitra Govindan,Harikiran Govindaraju Arkalgud


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