Journal of Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning
Journal of Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning(ITUP)
Frequency: Annually

About the Journal

Journal of Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal which reports current research in Transport Economics and Policy; Air Transport; Sustainable Transportation; Highway Transportation; Air Transportation; Waterway Transportation; Railroad Transportation; Goods Distribution; Navigation and Traffic Control; Congestion Pricing or Congestion Charges; Traffic Signal Preemption; Inductive Loop Detection; Sensing Technologies; Floating Car Data/Floating Cellular Data; Video Vehicle Detection; Electronic Toll Collection; Emergency Vehicle Notification Systems; Automatic Enforcement System; Variable Speed Limits; Collision Avoidance Systems; Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence;Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network;Vehicular Communication Systems;Urban Planning. It also publishes special issues that focus on Intelligent Transportation and Urban Planning.

Frequency: Annually


All accepted papers will be published free of charge for the authors.

Current Issue
Developing a Breakeven Point Model Based on Enforce Rate for Installing Weigh in Motion System in Inter-City Transportation
Author: Abbas Mahmoudabadi1, Razieh Akbari Lalaei2
1.Department of Industrial Engineering, Mehr Astan University, Guilan, Iran
2.Faculty of Economics, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Abstract | References , Pub. Date: 2017- 12

Analysis of Pavement Skid Resistance and Its Impact on Vehicle Noise
Author: Mahmoud Gomaa1, Gamal Darwish1, Hozayen Hozayen1
1.Highway, Traffic, and Airport Engineering, Public Works Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt
Abstract | References , Pub. Date: 2017- 12